The Tractive concept

The modular concept of the Tractive sequential gearboxes is being used since 1995. It allows us to use the same or very similar parts for both rear- and front wheel drive transmissions. Differently shaped casings can be produced using the same or similar fixturing, independently of the car make. This means we can produce a top quality gearbox to a good price.


Due to its modular design, the Tractive RD90 can be adapted to virtually any engine / car combination without need for new patterns or extensive redesign. RD90 is used in rear-wheel drive cars. Different versions of the RD90 gearbox fit very different cars, from MKII Escorts with some 220Nm to V8 engined cars with 900Nm of torque. RD90 gearboxes are now fitted to most front runners cars in the domestic series, winning events in the Swedish Championship.

Rally & Racing

"Gearboxes from Tractive are basically the “bullet proof version” of a rally gearboxes in reliability
and durability, with the correct maintenance they last a long time. Another important benefit is that their
customers service is always quick and on top which is really important for me. I have a RD905 in my
Volvo 940 now, and have in total driven eight seasons with their gearbox and I know I can rely on
them since I participate in around 25 races per year."

- Emil Karlsson, x4 Junior silver medalist in the Swedish championship (-14, -15, 16 & -17),
winner of the Swedish rally cup -18 and bronze medalist in the Swedish championship 2020.